Prevedouros to meet with Kobayashi to discuss endorsement

Panos Prevedouros
Panos Prevedouros
Ira Rohter
Ira Rohter

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Primary numbers rolled in pitting mayor Mufi Hannemann and Ann Kobayashi in a run-off election. Officially out of the race is Panos Prevedouros, that leaves more than 30,000 of his supporters up for grabs.

"I like Ann but she's a strong supporter of a fixed guide way. In some things I can support her but as far as this major infra-structural piece I cannot," said Former Mayoral Candidate Panos Prevedouros.

"The statement came out wrong," said Prevedouros.

After a few days of thinking things through Prevedouros says he plans to meet with Ann Kobayashi to come up with a common agenda for the city.

" A eco-landfill solution here, an accelerated fixing of the infrastructure and for effective traffic solutions," said Prevedouros.

Rohter says the key for Kobayashi is to compromise with Prevedouros and make voters comfortable.

"People are feeling very frustrated, I mean gigantic lack of turnout this election, half the people running weren't challenged," said Rohter.

"We want a result that reflects our priorities," said Prevedouros.

With a general election race that could be neck and neck, it maybe "Panos power" that pushes a candidate past the competition.

Prevedouros says if he doesn't endorse Kobayashi, he won't support Hannemann, he'll just stay completely independent.

In response, Mayor Hannemann's campaign says:

"We hope that those who supported him will look beyond the rail issue to topics like the environment and the economy, areas where Mayor Hannemann's leadership is proven."

Ann Kobayashi says with 18% of the vote, Prevedouros' support is important, she plans to meet with him to discuss rail alternatives this week.