Mayoral candidates in Kauai moving onto the general election

Kauai (KHNL) - A night of celebration for Bernard Carvalho's followers.

"All it boils down to is our supporters belief in us as a team effort," said Kauai Mayoral candidate, Bernard Carvalho.

"This type of leadership people are looking for, which is collaborative and makes good, sound decisions that can make a difference on this island. I believe that's what people are looking for,"he said.

The Parks and Recreation director made a surprising, but strong statement in his first run for a political office.

"My style of leadership, my experience in management, able to work within the county for 23 years and making things happen with projects or different stake holders to make a difference and that's my experience," said Carvalho.

Yukimura feels she's in a good position to regain the mayor's seat, which she once held around a couple years ago.

"We were surprised with the first printout, but very glad with the second. I feel like we're in a good position to get into the General Election and ultimately victory in the general," said Mayoral Candidate, Joann Yukimura.

A victory both she and Carvalho move a little closer to after the primary.

"I think we're going to continue the strategy in that we'll try to reach people with the issue of what's at stake on this island and there's a lot at stake in this uncertain time," said Yukimura.

A time to hopefully grab more votes between now and the general.