State mayoral race results

HAWAII (KHNL) - Honolulu Mayoral Candidate Mufi Hanneman received 80,260 votes at 48.1%, just missing the 50% mark. Ann Kobayashi garnered 49,020 votes at 29.4% and Panos Prevedouros received 28,782 votes at 17.2%.

On the Big Island, neither of the three candidates reached the 50% mark. Leading the way is Billy Kenoi with 18,176 votes at 45.4%. His challenger in November's general election will be Angel Pilago, who earned 9,309 votes at 23.3%. Coming in third is State Senator Lorraine Inouye with 8,087 votes at 20.2%

On Kauai, Bernard Carvalho and JoAnn Yukimura emerge from the primary and now they will face off against one another in the general election. Carvalho garnered 7,143 votes at 39.8% and Yukimura received 5,372 votes at 29.9%.