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Hawaii Democrats and Republicans hold unity parties

Ann Kobayashi Ann Kobayashi
Maya Soetoro-Ng Maya Soetoro-Ng
Willes Lee Willes Lee

By Roger Mari - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A day after the primary elections, democrats celebrate with a unity breakfast while the republicans gather together to lunch. It's a time to gather as one party and show support for those who will be campaigning in the general election.

They congratulate each other on a job well done. Now it's time to show their support for presidential hopeful Barack Obama, and they are confident Obama will garner most of the votes in Hawaii, as the democratic party now focuses on swing states like Nevada, Oregon and New Mexico.

"Certainly we have to do whatever is necessary to make sure that we have done everything we can to persuade the voters in the swing states and the importance of coming out and making the right choice," says Senator Obama's sister Maya Soetoro-Ng.

"That's going to be a very interesting race. Hawaii should come out for Obama after all, he is one of us. That's going to be a great race," say Honolulu Mayoral Candidate Ann Kobayashi.

On the other side, Hawaii republican candidates kicked-off the 2008 general election with a unity lunch. With just 43 days left before November's general election, their strategy for getting Hawaii voters to choose Senator John McCain will be to continue what they've been doing.

"We've done a superb job of presenting McCain and the assets he brings to the state versus Barack. Again, it comes down to rhetoric and record and we believe the record is on the side of McCain and Palin," says Hawaii Republican Chairman Willes Lee.

Many republicans feel military veterans could make the difference for John McCain in this heavily democratic state.

Both parties say they're hoping for a better voter turnout for the general election. The deadline to register is October 6th.

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