Voters hit the polls in Hawaii primary

Rex Quidilla
Rex Quidilla
Mary Nelson
Mary Nelson

MILILANI (KHNL) - The leading candidates for Honolulu mayor; Mufi Hannemann, Ann Kobayashi and Panos Prevedouros have all voted, while  thousands across the state have too.

Despite new ballots, technical glitches, and a few polling places opening late, voters are hopeful that the few minutes it took for them to vote will lead to positive changes for Hawaii.

Electronic to paper ballots, behind the curtains, they're getting dressed to exercise democracy.

"It wasn't confusing at all." said one Mililani voter.

" Very easy, plain and simple." said another voter

Early on, voters dealt with problems like polling places opening late, poll workers having trouble tearing away portions of their ballot cleanly, and electronic voting machines not working.

"We're dealing with 3500 to 3600 volunteers across the state spread over 339 polling places so it's a human process. Occasionally there will be some snafus and errors." said state election official Rex Quidilla.

Mary Nelson knows how easy it is to make a mistake. She used the electronic voting machine.

"You had to be careful that you voted for the person you really wanted to vote for." said Nelson.

Voters call primary day a civic duty.

"Most countries don't have a say in their government. We're fortunate in the United States to have that privilege." said a voter.

Whether it's the race for mayor or an individual issue, the focus of the campaigns now turns to  Saturday night's count. Election officials credit new machines at polling places that detected voter errors right away for improved efficiency.