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Gas prices take a big dip

Tomas Fernandez Tomas Fernandez
Amy Stein Amy Stein
Robert Christensen Robert Christensen
James Chinen James Chinen

By Roger Mari - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Drivers are treated to lower gas prices; finally.

Dozens line up at the Iwilei Costco gas station to take advantage of plummeting gas prices. Overnight a gallon of regular unleaded went from 3 dollars 97 cents to 3.84. For those who showed up, it's time to fill up no matter how much they needed.

"We didn't know, we just came over and tried to top off that's about it, it's a surprise to us too," says driver Tomas Fernandez.

"I was here, it was on empty, and I happened on it," says driver Amy Stein.

The longer than usual wait to fuel up was worth it for some drivers. Gas hasn't been lower than 4-dollars a gallon since May.

"It's high but it's a nice relief, it's better than 4.40 you know," says driver Robert Christensen

Many stumbled on to these lower gases prices unexpectedly. With no guarantee they're going to stay low, drivers get it while they can, beating longer lines expected, once word gets out.

"I guess this is a pretty good time right now, I guess later on is going to be more busy," says driver James Chinen

Tanks now full of gas and faces full of smiles.

"Because I only paid 3.84 for gas, I think I saved 6 dollars," says Stein.

For some drivers the savings will be shared throughout the whole family.

"Spend them on the kids," says Chinen

With such a big dip in the price of a gallon of gas, many hope it's a sign that relief is finally in sight.

The 3-dollar and 84 prices are good only at Oahu Costco's in Iwilei and Waipio.

In Kona and Kauai, the price for a gallon of regular unleaded at the Costco stores is 4-dollars-and-25-cents.

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