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Scientists in Australia discover new marine species

nudibranch nudibranch
green banded snapping shrimp green banded snapping shrimp
soft corals soft corals
comb jellyfish comb jellyfish
tongue biting fish tongue biting fish

GREAT BARRIER REEF, Australia (KHNL) - Down under in the ocean depths of Australia's Great Barrier Reef scientists have discovered hundreds of new marine species.

These new species include jellyfish, crustaceans, soft coral species and a bizarre creature that latches onto a fish's tongue.

The researchers studied three seperate underwater sites in areas off the coast of Heron Island, Lizard Island and Ningaloo Reef located near Australia's northwest coast.

These newly found marine species will be added to the Census of Marine Life Project which aims to provide researchers worldwide with information about the effects and changes occuring in the ocean environment.

The Census of Marine Life Project is set to be released in 2010.

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