A hike in Waimalu leaves one man missing

Meryl Robertson
Meryl Robertson

PEARL CITY, Oahu (KHNL) - The mystery of a missing hiker on Oauhu is left unsolved as family members of John Parsons thanked the community and search crews, Thursday for their efforts in looking for the  77 year-old man.

Australia native Parsons had told friends he was going out for a short hike two weeks ago, but never came back.

It is believed he set out on the Waimalu ditch trail in upper Pearl city.

Honolulu fire crews conducted an extensive search for Parsons but turned up nothing. Although, the search was eventually called off, volunteers and his family continued to look for him.

Now, after two weeks, ehausted from searching the family is ready for closure.

"We couldn't do any more physically.We searched for ourselves physically," said Meryl Robertson, Parson's daughter.

"Everyday just about except my sister and I for the last few days. And we just got to a point where we knew we could not do anything ourselves," she said.

The family put up plaque at the top of the trail  to let people know that Parsons went missing there.

They also left lei to remember their father. Parsons' family will soon return to Australia.