Voter casts ballot without showing ID

Barbara Wilcox
Barbara Wilcox

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - With Hawaii's primary election just days away, a new controversy is being reported and it has nothing to do with the actual campaigns.

Voters are questioning how careful polling place workers are when confirming the identity of people casting ballots.  A Honolulu woman says she was able to vote without a social security number or a showing ID.

When you show up to vote, workers expect you to be who you say you are and prove it, but Barbara Wilcox says poll workers at her early voting site at Honolulu Hale didn't check.

"Nobody ever checked my ID, nobody checked it," said Wilcox.  "I could have said I was Marilyn Monroe."

Wilcox says it's not so much about a stranger using someone else's name to get a ballot. It's the other information they can get their hands on that can make her a victim of identity theft.

"I don't know my social security number and they said well, we'll get it and wrote it in.  He says, you want a copy of it?" said Wilcox.

Election Administrator Glen Takahashi declined to go on camera about Wilcox's claims.

He did say, "The bottom line is we helped the voter vote. If my staff felt confident with the person saying who they were, then we are going to help facilitate their voting process."

"I could go vote for someone over and over again," said Wilcox.  "I could be lots of people."

While Wilcox complained, she says she didn't get the answer she was looking for. She says election workers were just trying to help, but she believes it's important for poll workers to follow the rules in every case.

Wilcox says she's not looking for an apology, all she wants is this incident to be a wake up call for both poll workers and voters of how important it is to uphold the integrity of the election process.