Moped crackdown fuels citations

Fia Muasau
Fia Muasau

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

DOWNTOWN HONOLULU (KHNL) - If you have a moped, you may want to think twice about parking at a bike rack. You could end up with a ticket, even in areas where a cluster of mopeds traditionally park, particularly in downtown Honolulu.

On Alakea Street, mopeds at the bike rack, on the sidewalk, and chained to signs, all received citations.

"If you come downtown, if you can't park here now where else are we going to park?" asked moped rider William Sullivan.  "And so it's going to be complicated, it's going to be difficult."

To warn moped riders of the crackdown, an employee at a nearby parking garage printed out a written warning.

"What I did was I made a flyer and I put it on every moped that I see on the street to help them, letting them know that we have available parking at the Harbor Square Garage," said parking attendant Fia Muasau.

The City has also placed new stickers on all racks shaped like bicycles to educate people about an ordinance that took effect less than two years ago.

It bans mopeds from bike racks unless signs permit.

The alley near Hawaii Pacific University is one of the designated areas for mopeds. There's a sign that says 'Moped and Bicycle Parking Only' but it's a little confusing. If you take a look at the bike rack, there's another sign that says 'Bikes Only'.

Confusion over where mopeds can or cannot park is what fuels the parking problem.

"I'd seen so many of them parked at the bike racks that I never really knew that mopeds weren't supposed to be there," said moped driver Mandy Jansen.

There are certain racks mopeds can share with bikes. The City says to just be sure to read the signs.

Police say mopeds can park along the street in metered stalls.

In fact, more than one moped is allowed, as long as they fit, and you do have to fill the meter.

There are free parking spaces for mopeds and motorcycles at Alii Place, Chinatown Gateway, Harbor Court, Kekaulike, and Marin Tower.

Motorcycles/mopeds can get in free at Hale Pauahi, Kukui Plaza, and Smith-Beretania garages but there are no designated spaces for them. They'd park in regular stalls.

The City is working on designated motorcycle/moped parking in those lots.