Vow to Vote

I'm not going to tell you who I think you should vote for this weekend.  No way.  That's certainly your call.  Hopefully, KHNL and K5 have provided you with some of the necessary information on some of the races to allow you to feel more comfortable when you make your choices.  If not, you still have time to search out and find factual information to help you make that right choice- for you.

I find it interesting that local newspapers give us their two cents on who to vote for weeks in advance, and then continue to provide "fair" coverage of all the candidates.  Makes it a bit tough on the reader when the information presenter has already weighed in on the best choice, doesn't it?  Yes, I know editorial content and news reporting are separated at birth, but maybe waiting until the last day would make for better editorial judgment.  But hey, i'm just a TV guy.

As I mentioned earlier this week, too many people are telling you who to pick.  It's your state, it's your community, it's your education system, and you get the honor now to be an integral part of the process upon which this whole country was founded.  We teach our kids to be responsible, hopefully.  Well, now it's the adults turn.  Good luck on your choices, and I hope they do well... unless I voted for the other guy, of course.  Think about it...