Economy buckling small businesses

Andrew Angel Scales
Andrew Angel Scales

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU - (KHNL) Small businesses are extremely anxious about the economy, fearing a recession could send already slumping sales down even further.

With projections for the next 12 months even less optimistic, stores here in Hawaii are talking strategy.

Service with a smile, that's part of the strategy at Star Apparel.

"The economy's been pretty rough," said Manager Andrew Angel Scales.

A national business survey shows economic slowdown is affecting stores across the country. Sales and profits are down, the creation of new jobs is at a 15 year low.

"NFL is our biggest season and that's how we survive," said Scales.

Experts say small businesses need to put emphasis on people. Here at Star Apparel, customer service is first class and the athletic gear appeals to everyone, even the youngest fans.

Less money coming in means determined businesses deeper in debt.

"A lot of it is the decisions they make and how it impacts what they do and how it affects their business," said Human Resources Specialist Debbie Padello.

"With every downfall there's always an upside. Stay strong and keep a positive attitude and make sure you have good service to the customers," said Scales.

Enduring the economic gridiron for greener grass, for small businesses, it's a hope that sales will eventually shoot back up to the stars.

While customers are spending less, the survey also says spikes in energy costs paired with the credit card crunch continue to be a thorn in the side of small businesses.