Religion takes steps towards saving the environment

Sally Bingham
Sally Bingham
Chuck Burrows
Chuck Burrows

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Churches and religious organizations are a place where many go to seek a higher power.

But now many of those same organizations are talking about a different kind of power, man made power impacting the environment.

"This a religious response to global warming," said Sally Bingham from the Regeneration Project.

Churches of all different denominations and religions are gathering together, in an effort to show people the light!

From CFL's and other energy saving steps, its an issue heard at many different venues, just not usually from the pulpit.

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

"Global warming and greenhouse gases are no longer a political or environmental issue, it is a spiritual and moral issue," said Chuck Burrows from Hawaii Interfaith Power and Light.

An issue that is affecting the nation, so much so, that a grassroots interfaith effort to cut greenhouse gases, use renewable energy and increase energy efficiency is also sweeping the nation.

Over five thousand churches in dozens of states have already joined in the commitment to the environment and now this message has reached Oahu.

While many religous organizations use prayer over problems, when it comes to environmental they're asking their members for even more.

"Action is what is going to move this campaign forward, prayer is not enough," said Bingham, adding, "We cannot as people of faith sit back and watch creation destroyed."

Speakers from various religions will meet with the public Thursday night at the Church of the Crossroads from 6pm to 8pm, in the hopes they can convince more people to increase their efforts to save energy.