Election Rejection

As the political season heats up, let's spend a minute or so peering over the rhetoric and garbage that too many national pundits make a living off of.  Let's rise above the polluted and vile spewings of too many radio analysts, reader-starved writers, and night time cable hacks more interested in titillating than informing.  Good news- all of those silly, insincere shout-fests and self-serving experts can be eliminated by simply pushing the button on your remote or car radio.  Bliss, and you're in control.

Let's talk about issues, let's talk about positions, let's talk about making a difference, doing the right thing- and "right thing" takes on different meanings for each and every one of us.  I'm talking about local elections and national elections, and I'm mostly talking about this insatiable and constant urge these days to drive people apart, to draw a line in the sand, to pick at minor scabs, to put wedges into our zeitgeist, like two sides about to go to war or tear each other apart.  Good grief, can't we all just get along?

Well, here's the reality.  We are not as divided as these rabble rousers and hypocritical ratings-grabbers would have you believe.  The terms "liberal" and "conservative" are extremely shallow, and most people I know have degrees of both.  The polarizing positioning of the red-state, blue-state polemic is inane.  We are a country of purple, folks, deal with it.  Some red states will vote 49.5% blue in the national election, and a bunch of blue states have opposing party "reds"  in the governor's seat and elsewhere- hey, like Hawaii!  So let's deal with the details and cut the hyperbole as we begin the voting season.  Rise above the apologists, the stretchers of facts, and the opportunists and make up your own minds.  Think about it...