Doctor shares highlights of new TV show

Dr. Jim Sears
Dr. Jim Sears

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

TURTLE BAY (KHNL) - The star pediatrician in the new show "The Doctors" is visiting Hawaii, taking a dose of rest and relaxation.

We caught up with Dr. Jim Sears on Tuesday. He is one of the four MD's on a new talk show that he describes as a cross between "The View" and "Grey's Anatomy."

It's the latest brainchild of celebrity psychologist Dr. Phil's team.

We caught up with Sears while on his vacation at the Turtle Bay Resort to get the scoop on the new NBC talk show, "The Doctors."

"The best thing about being on the show The Doctors is instead of in my office where I work one-on-one with a patient, now I'm working on one-on-millions. I get to reach millions of families each day," said Sears.

One of his most fulfilling moments on the show so far, he said was helping a 15-year-old girl from Vietnam who had a 12-pound tumor on her neck.

"She was just months away from death," he said.  "This was becoming life-threatening and the doctors over there couldn't do anything so we brought her over to Miami and had a miraculous life saving surgery done. It was 14 hours long."

Outside the set, Dr. Sears has a family practice in Southern California, where his work with children goes beyond the office.

"I get invitations to birthday parties and high school graduations and it's even neat when my patients start getting older and have babies of their own and they start bringing babies to my practice. We call them the grand-patients," said the celebrity doctor.

As part of a medical dream team, Dr. Sears said he can use Hollywood's limelight to reach more people in a day than he would in his entire lifetime in his practice.