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Hurricane Ike expected to stop downward trend of island's gas prices

Shad Navarez Shad Navarez
Bill Crocker Bill Crocker

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Just when Hawaii's gas prices finally started dipping, Hurricane Ike threatens to deal a severe blow to the nation's oil supply. That could mean a possible end to the downward trend of our island's gas prices.

Hawaii drivers are getting a little more relief at the pump. AAA says gas prices fell for the seventh straight week.

"Yeah, I noticed that the last time I put in, it was l$4.40 something now it went down a little bit more," said Shad Navarez of Waipahu.

"It's nice but I doubt it'll last for long. I think it'll go back up," said Bill Crocker of Kapolei.

At one gas station near the Honolulu International Airport, it costs $4.21 for a gallon of regular unleaded gas. That's $.11 cheaper than the statewide average.

Despite the decline, filling up still hurts driver's pocketbooks. A full tank for Navarez's escalade?

"Every week, maybe close to $100," he said.

AAA says gas is a dollar higher per gallon than a year ago and more expensive than parts of the mainland.

"Pretty crazy. I mean at home we pay $3.43. You guys are at $4.21 so it's a pretty big shock," said Robert Hanks, a visitor from Phoenix, Arizona.

And depending on Hurricane Ike's impact on the nation's oil, analysts say the pain at the pump in Hawaii could worsen in ways never seen before.

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