Threat of asteroids has space experts devising plan

SAN FRANCISCO, California (KHNL) - The threat of an asteroid colliding with the Earth has an international group of space explorers looking for answers.

In San Francisco at the Google Foundation on Sept 22-25, 2008 the Committee on Near Earth Objects, (NEO) headed by Apollo astronaut, Rusty Schweickart will team up with the Association of Space Explorers,(ASE), for four days of meetings on asteroids.

The 4th and final workshop entitled "Asteroid Threats: A Call for a Global Response" will end with a briefing on the recommendations, the international panel hopes to present to the United nations during its 2009 session in Vienna, Austria.

The NEO has been working towards creating this final draft on recommendations on UN Protocol and near earth object deflection for the United Nation's Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space since 2007.

Founded in 1985, the ASE consists of over 320 individuals from 33 nations who have all flown in space.

(photo courtesy of AP)