Wish to shape surfboard, surf granted

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

WAHIAWA (KHNL) - A life-threatening disease isn't keeping a boy from Texas away from his biggest wish here in Hawaii.

So far, the experience has shaped up to be exactly what he wants.

Seven-year-old Mikael Estopier was diagnosed with cancer of the blood and bone marrow two years ago. It's taken a lot out of him. but now, the Children's Wish Foundation is giving him a special wish -- a chance to shape his own surfboard and surf on it as well.

"He used to watch the movie, Surf's Up! so it was his inspiration for coming here and he wanted to make a surfboard just like Cody and Big Z, so that's why today (Thursday) is important," His mother, Kristina Estopier said.

Mikael wanted to come to Hawaii because of its pristine beauty.

"Because I get to be in the ocean," he said.

Keoki Surfboards helped make Mikael's wish come true.

"I'd love to help, that was my first response, it's actually an honor to all of us here at the factory here to help out with the Children's Wish Foundation," Surfboard shaper, Keoki Ching said.

A wish that might not have happened if not for Mikael's tough spirit.

"Mikael's life was really put on the line a couple of times and I remember conversations very vaguely or vividly that the doctor said we would probably lose him," his mother said.

Ching said this experience hits close to home.

"It's great, I've actually lost a cousin to cancer and it makes me feel good that I can do something for him, I mean he actually is really a good inspiration," Ching said.

An inspiration and reminder to all of us about living life to its fullest.

Mikael's surfboard should be ready just in time for his surf lessons with local firefighters on Monday.