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Mayoral candidates compete for union support

Mike McGurn Mike McGurn
Panos Prevedouros Panos Prevedouros
Mayor Mufi Hannemann Mayor Mufi Hannemann
Ann Kobayashi Ann Kobayashi

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

KAKAAKO (KHNL) - The three major candidates to become Honolulu's mayor continue to hit the campaign trail Wednesday, urging union workers for their support.

It was the chance for dozens of Local 5 Union leaders to listen and learn what the candidates are about, and who is most likely to benefit them.

The day after a major televised debate, major mayoral candidates claim their stance on how they plan to improve our economy as they urge union workers for support.

Three major mayoral candidates, Mayor Mufi Hannemann, Council member Ann Kobayashi, economics professor Panos Prevedouros,one important message to Local 5 Union leaders.

"Hotels are down-sizing, restaurants are closing, airlines aren't flying here," said Prevedouros.

" I've been walking the picket lines at pacific beach," said Kobayashi.

"I have a steady record of supporting our visitor industry," said Mayor Hannemann.

Among the crowd, Mike McGurn. His endorsement is focused on the investment of the future.

"The presence definitely does count on how it's going to influence us on how to vote and I think you get to know them much better when you see them face to face," said Union member Mike McGurn.

Strengthening the economy, to ensuring fundamental rights of workers, and helping keep quality jobs on the island are a top concern. But, there's also claims of Mayor Hannemann not showing up to as many forums and events as other candidates.

"This is his record and we have transparency and accountability so he should show up," said Prevedouros.

The mayor calls it a frivolous charge.

"Anyone who knows me and knows my track record knows I've been out in the community continuously and consistently through the years. I don't just do it because I want to be mayor," said Hannemann.

"It's important just to interact and to listen to people and be able to give them a chance to interact with us," said Kobayashi.

As the campaign trails temperature continues to rise, workers say their decision is all about who will become the best mayor for the middle class.

The Hannemann campaign says he's been in three big events with the other candidates in the last week, and what many might not realize is that aside from campaigning he must also still serve his duties as mayor.

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