Family friend urged shooting suspect to turn himself in

Erwin Gabrillo
Erwin Gabrillo
Christopher Alesna
Christopher Alesna
Khaynava Phanthanouvong
Khaynava Phanthanouvong

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

KALIHI (KHNL) - A Kalihi teen is charged with murder and two firearm offenses after being accused of fatally shooting a teen at a popular oahu beach park earlier this week.

The incident happened at Ala Moana Beach Park Monday, since then police have been searching for suspects.

Police tape surrounds the scene at Ala Moana Beach Park September 1st.

19-year-old suspect Christopher Alesna is charged with shooting and killing 18-year-old Khaynava Phanthanouvong after a brawl broke out. Soon, authorities launched a search for their suspect.

" The mom told me that policeman were coming for him and asked me for advice, my advice was just to go to the police station and turn himself in," said Family friend Erwin Gabrillo.

Erwin Gabrillo, a family friend for more than 10 years says he urged the suspect to do the right thing.

"Chris told me that he's willing to go to the police station If I accompanied him and so I told him ok I'll be there for you," said Gabrillo.

Days of search ended as Gabrillo escorted Alesna into police headquarters Wednesday night. Charged with murder and two firearm offenses, the family friend maintains Alesna's innocence.

"If you're found guilty, then you have to pay the price. If not guilty, that's the opportunity to prove to the authorities," said Gabrillo.

Alesna's bail is set at $150,000, but no amount of money will bring the victim back to his family.

He will appear before a judge Friday, meanwhile the victim's funeral plans are now set.

Friends and family will honor his life at a service Tuesday, September 9th at the Nu'uanu Park Mortuary at 1pm.