Obama responds to Palin's speech

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

(KHNL) - On the Democratic side, presidential nominee Barack Obama says Sarah Palin's speech Wednesday night took aim at him and not the issues that are important to Americans.

"They haven't offered a single concrete idea so far in two nights of how they would make the lives of middle class Americans better," said Obama.  "They've spent the entire two nights attacking me or extolling John's biography, which is fine. They can use their convention time anyway they want. But you can't expect that I'd be surprised about attacks from Republicans, and by the way, I've been called worse on the basketball court, so it's no big deal."

Obama says the Republican party is busy focusing on things, like work he did when he first got out of college, work he calls honorable.

He says he has yet to hear the party talk about the issues voters care about, like the economy and housing.