Robbery leaves woman nearly empty-handed

Terry Werning
Terry Werning
Linh DePledge
Linh DePledge

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

NUUANU (KHNL) - More than $30,000 worth of prized possessions were stolen from a Honolulu home Sunday and the victim says her renter's insurance is leaving her basically empty-handed.

A normally peaceful neighborhood turned to nightmare as robber's broke into Terry Werning's Nu'uanu home.

They slipped in through a back window, taking more than $30,000 worth of jewelry and precious coins. Her life's savings stolen.

"Just gut-wrenching, it's like it's gone in a flash," said Theft victim Terry Werning.

Werning says she had $40,000 worth of renter's insurance. It's only reimbursing her a $1000 for the jewelry and $200 for the coins.

"When I signed up for it, I was understanding that the contents of my entire house was insured," said Werning.

"The majority of the time that is not the case," said Insurance company official Linh DePledge.

Linh DePledge with DTRIC Insurance company says general insurance coverage only offers limited reimbursements if valuables are stolen.

She says Werning should have insured her items individually.

"Inventory of your valuables and usually those things require an appraisal or receipts," said DePledge.

But Werning says she was never told that. She says her Allstate Insurance agent's good hands dropped the ball.

"They never told you that? No, not to my understanding because obviously if I knew they were only insuring a 1000 dollars, I would have said wait a minute we have to do something else here," said Werning.

Losing her livelihood and her only memories of passed away loved ones, Werning says the only cure to her sleepless nights is to see her priceless possessions back again.

Calls to Allstate Insurance were not returned.

The items were normally kept at the bank but were taken out recently to be sold on E-bay to help make ends meet. A $500 reward is being offered to anyone that can help retrieve the stolen items.