Hawaii Web site offers a look at candidates spending

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Voters who would like to get some extra insight into a candidate's spending habits can check out the Campaign Spending Commission Web site.

"It's extremely interesting to see how the candidates spend their money," said Barbara Wong, Executive Director of the Campaign Spending Commission.

The website gives the public an open look into the fiscal matters of politicians which just might cause some to change their mind come election time.

A click on "expenditures" will give a viewer an immediate rundown of all the purchases a candidate made from hotel rooms to air travel, credit card fees and printer supplies.

According to Wong some candidates will have every meal paid for by their fund while others are much more careful about how they spend.

There are still 13 states in the country that do not electronically provide campaign spending information to the public.

Hawaii is on the other end of the spectrum and ranked 4th as one of the most transparent states in the nation according to an annual study by the Pew Charitable Trust.

To access the Web site, click on the Campaign Spending Commission link on this page.

(photo courtesy of AP)