Hawaii's flags dedicated as part of nation's stamps

Sen. Dan Akaka
Sen. Dan Akaka
Hawaii Attorney General Mark Bennett
Hawaii Attorney General Mark Bennett

By Roger Mari - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Flags are often looked at as symbols of unity and pride.

Tuesday the U.S. Postal Service officially dedicated Hawaii's contribution to the "Flags of our Nation" stamp series.

The stamp is part of the latest series of the "Stamps of our Nation" collection.

Dozens came out to the airport post office for glimpse of the new stamp.

Delaware artist Tom Engeman offers stamp collectors these beautiful and educational symbols of democracy.

"Each of those flags truly exemplifies American values, Hawaii values and all of the things we are so proud of said Hawaii Attorney General Mark Bennett.

"The architecture or drawing of it is real nice, it represents Hawaii."

Each stamp design displays art work representing the states unique landscape.

"The flag is beautifully depicted in what is the essence of our aina, the mountains to the sea is in our our flag along with depictions of our beautiful flora," said Bennett.

Following the ceremony, people were able to buy the stamps which are arranged alphabetically. A strip of 10 cost $4.20.

First day of sales postmarks were also available.

"It means I was here the first day the stamp was canceled on the day it came out."

The Flags of our Nation series is just one way the U.S. Postal Service continues it's proud tradition of honoring the state of Hawaii and the rest of the country.

Four more sets of the flag stamps will be issued in 2009 and 2010.