We Are The Champions

World Champions... it has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?  It makes us all so proud when one of our own or even someone with major Hawaii connections performs well.  And this year it's been quite a year for Hawaii to sing out "We are the champions, my friend".  But we don't do that, because humility holds a higher place in our souls than bravado.

Little League champs from Waipio, BCS football team from UH, PGA tournament winner Parker Mclachlin, Olympic gold medalists Bryan Clay, Natasha Kai, and Clay Stanley- some pretty great stories on some pretty major playing fields around the globe.  How wild is the ride this year?  We even have a presidential candidate from our islands!  There are lots of things to be proud about in our state, and chief among them are our people.

Whether with a quiet confidence or a plucky perseverance, Hawaii teams and individuals are over-represented in many areas, certainly in sports, on the national and international front.  Golf, baseball, volleyball, and surfing- just a few sports in which participants with deep, local ties have excelled.  And the best part- these are all good people, good kids, good sports- and that's what we cherish the most as they represent our state so well on the worldwide stage.  Think about it...