Republican National Convention focuses on Palin's daughter

Nicolle Wallace
Nicolle Wallace
Grace Van Diest
Grace Van Diest

By Brooke Hart

ST. PAUL, Minnesota (KHNL) - Governor Linda Lingle is one of Tuesday's featured speakers at the convention in Minnesota. But the focus is on John McCain's, running mate's daughter.

Tuesday night's revised convention agenda has Republican Fred Thompson and independent democrat Joe Lieberman, telling delegates about the John McCain they know.

As McCain campaigns in swing states, did he know about Sarah Palin's teen daughter's pregnancy?

Aides insisted McCain knew and cleared it.

"Certainly not anything senator McCain is going to let stand in his way of choosing the best and most qualified person as his running mate," said Nicolle Wallace, a spokesperson for John McCain.

Word 17-year-old Bristol will keep the baby and marry the teen dad won praise from Alaska delegates.

"That just shows all the more Sarah Palin is totally pro life," said Grace Van Diest, Alaska Republican delegate.

Will the news sway voters outside the convention?

"What her family is going thru is her business," said NBC political director Chuck Todd.  "And that's going to be how people react. So it really just depends on how a person initially viewed McCain's decision to pick Governor Palin."

The McCain campaign reportedly decided that Palin revelations would come the day Gustav made landfall.

It was Gustav that kept President Bush away from the convention in person. Tuesday night delegates hear from him by satellite.

Outside, more protests were expected, but not on the scale of day one's huge anti-war rally

Police also arrested scores of self-described anarchists, using pepper spray and smoke bombs to detain them.