Hawaii's champs honored in parade

Marie Rabago
Marie Rabago
Kami Conselva
Kami Conselva

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It was a victory that all of Hawaii was celebrating. Thousands celebrated and honored the accomplishments of Hawaii's athletes in Waikiki Monday afternoon.

Many anticipated the arrival of the Olympic local and Little League World Series champions at the Parade of Champions along Kalakaua Avenue.

As the champions made their way down the parade route, it was the beats and barrage of fans with local fever that left the athletes beaming.

One anxious Honolulu resident described the scene, "Chants, cheers, I don't know, try and yell as loud as we can to make sure they see us," he said.

Among rows of parade crowds, three generations of fans cheered on their world champ. Mother, grandmother and great grandmother of Waipio Little League player Cather Keelan Obedoza gave a huge ovation upon seeing their little champion and his team.

"He's excited to see family, friends, a lot of people out here," said Obedoza's mother Kami Conselva. "Loss of words, this is unbelievable, I'm speechless."

The athletes were cheered on by crowds of thousands at the parade, honoring their accomplishments, but it's the ideals of their experience that family say will last a lifetime.

"Teamwork, leadership and listen and do whatever he's told to do," said Obedoza's grandmother, Marie Rabago.