Porsche lovers spend day admiring German dream

Chip Hughes
Chip Hughes
Ambro Ilagan
Ambro Ilagan

By Kristine Uyeno - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Some drivers believe, it's a true sportscar.

That's why the Hawaii Porsche Club held an auto show Monday, devoted to the German car.

Whether they own one to drive.

"It's just a fun car to have."

Or just to admire.

"Let's see, last week all I did was polish it."

These people say, there's nothing like this German classic.

Porsche is the height of art and technology welded together and it's the experience of excellence that you get when you own a car like this," said Chip Huges, a Porsche owner.

They're proud of this car, and even, its name.

"It's really two syllables, Por-sche, not Porsche."

That's why they gather at Aloha Tower Marketplace, to display, their prized possession.

Rick Woltz has spent four years and $25,000, turning this 1959 3-56, convertible "D", into this, blue beauty.

Ambro Ilagan, shows off his 1997 Porsche, and Chip Hughes? His 2007, carreras. It goes from zero to 60 in four seconds, tops 180 miles per hour, and costs about $92,000.

"I'm a VW dealer from a long time back and someday I thought if I could own a Porsche it would be like dying and going to heaven," said Hughes.

Not only does it have a nice piece of history behind it, but...

"It's the true sportscar in the world and it's very responsive, it's a good driver," said Ilagan.

Which is why, it's no surprise that some people spent their holiday, showing off, and idolizing this German dream.

People who attended the auto show also got to vote, for their favorites, in a contest.