Bill Paty receives Honolulu Forever Young award

Bill Paty
Bill Paty

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The first annual Honolulu Forever Young awards honors dynamic leaders who, through selfless giving, have found the secret to being forever young.

Bill Paty's work has impacted Hawaii politics and non-profit associations.

"My wife Peggy says the only problem with me is that I can't say no," said Paty.

It's with that attitude 87-year-old Bill Paty has impacted Hawaii's communities.

"I'm just plain lucky. I like to stay active, I like to be busy and I was very fortunate to be offered these opportunities as they came along. Not many people retire and get the chance to head up the department of land and natural resources."

Born in Nuuanu, a graduate of Punahou and Cornell, he participated in the Normandy invasion and was awarded the Prisoner of War medal.

Returning home, Paty went to work for Wailua Sugar Company and retired after 40 years.

After all that he was just getting started.

"I stay involved with a number of other active non-profit organizations and all of them have something to contribute to the community."

After all he's done for the nation and state, he continues to help improve the way of life in Hawaii as a trustee for the Mark A. Robinson Trust.

"Either getting involved with a good community organization or staying in point in some other capacity I think is vital to the longevity and way of life to try to do that."

Throughout his career he's kept a can-do attitude.

"Hey, why not, see what I can do and if you need to upgrade yourself to compete, then go ahead and do that."

"Take the best that you have to offer and see what you can do with it."

He stays active by swimming and exercising.

"This old quote that say if you didn't know how old you are, how old would you be? So I think you have to look at it a little bit that way. You mix and intermix, meld and mold all these things together with a presumably healthy lifestyle and it comes together, it has for me."

He credits his family as the driving force behind his success.

"The family has always been there when I've needed an extra leg up so with that together I'd like to think that I can still meander down the road for awhile yet and see what happens."

Even meandering down the road bill paves the way for a different view of aging.

He continues to live his life to the fullest while at the same time uplifting the community.