Surfing in India for a cause

HONOLULU (KHNL) -In an effort to give back, Surfing the Nations, a Hawaii based non-profit organization has teamed up with Jedidiah clothing to bring the sport of surfing to a small fishing village in India.

The two organizations will be heading to an area in Bangladesh known as Cox's Bazar from September 16 through October 8 to hold the 4th annual Aloha Classic Surf Contest.

The area located in the south of India was named in 1854 after British East India Company Officer Captain Hiram Cox and boasts to have the "world's longest beach".

The waves in Bangladesh might produce some good breaks for the contest but Surfing the Nations and Jedidiah clothing are also hoping to give a few good breaks to the locals. The two are preparing to teach the Indian community English and surfing as well as donating clothing and other necessary items to those in need.

"Bangladesh is like getting into a time machine and warping back 150 years. Being able to introduce surfing to this culture has added to their history as well as the legacy of the sport," said Chris Rehrer, trip coordinator of Surfing the Nations.

Surfing the Nations seeks out coastal countries that could benefit from their humanitarian efforts and be positively impacted by the sport of surfing.

For more information about the Bangladesh surfing trip contact (808) 838-SURF