Palama Meat to lay off as many as 38 workers

HONOLULU (AP) - The state's largest meat-processing business plans to lay off as many as 38 workers Friday. That amounts to more than 15% of its 200 employees.

Palama Meat Co. disclosed the plans in a notice filed with the state Thursday. It says it plans to terminate between 32 and 38 employees.

The company asked the state to assist those who will lose their jobs.

Department of Labor and Industrial Relations spokesman James Hardway says the state will likely activate a "rapid response team" to help the workers.

The state as activated similar task forces to respond to layoffs at other companies this year.

Palama Meat was established in 1952 and owns brands such as May's and Hawaiian Warrior beef jerky.

It has processing and warehousing operations in Kapolei.