Atlantis Submarines reaches a new depth

HONOLULU (KHNL) -After two decades of providing underwater tours in Hawaii to approximately 6.6 million guests, Atlantis Submarines celebrates its 20th anniversary.

"Everything Atlantis does is intended to give our guests the undersea tour of a lifetime and to create lasting memories and support for Hawaii's marine world,"said Ronald Williams,President and CEO of Atlantis Submarines.

The company's motto is "Let us show you our Hawaii" with an emphasis on the importance of respecting and protecting the ocean environment.

Diving to depths of 125ft guests of the passenger submarine are able to safely encounter the underwater world live and in action.

"I have been on dozens of sub dives and my reaction is always "Wow!" because of the constant activity that takes place with our undersea environment," said Williams.

Together in 1989, Atlantis, the University of Hawaii's Sea Grant Program and the State Department of Land and Natural Resources, introduced several artificial reefs to a dive site off of Waikiki that was largely devoid of marine activity.

Today the artificial reefs off of Waikiki are teeming with fish and marine life creating a self-sustaining eco-system for marine life to feed, repopulate and live.

"Artificial reefs are extremely beneficial to Hawaii's marine life and Atlantis is proud to have made the undersea environment we work in an even better place for Hawaii," said Williams.

In celebration of its 20th anniversary Atlantis Submarines is offering special kamaina rates for its tours and packages.