Molokai Properties to continue water service

HONOLULU (KHNL) -  Molokai residents will continue to receive water beyond August.  Molokai Properties Limited has confirmed it will continue to provide services to its customers past this month.

The company said the recent temporary water rate increase approved by the Public Utilities Commission, will enable the company to continue to provide service.

The company previously said it lacked the financial resources to continue to operate beyond the month of August.

Molokai Properties Limited director Peter Nicholas says the issue appears to have been temporarily resolved.

"How long the temporary rate increase will be sufficient for the utilities to be able to continue to operate depends on future fuel, power and labor cost increases," said Nicholas.

Nicholas also pointed out that the temporary rate increase are a "stop-gap measure" and that the company will not operate the utilities indefinitely.

Molokai Properites Limited's long-term obligation to operate the utilities has not been determined.