Incumbent Or Incompetent

On September 20th, you will have the chance to vote for a bunch of people running for a bunch of offices.  If you are satisfied with the status quo, by all means go with the incumbent.  If you are unhappy, distressed, and perhaps a bit apathetic about the whole process these days- then by all means do yourself a favor and spend some time educating yourself over the next three weeks.  There are a lot of good incumbents. there are certainly some incompetents, too.  It happens in every profession, I'm sure you would agree.

There are new people and old challengers running in many places- the legislature, the board of education, etc., and they all deserve at least some consideration so that we don't head into the booths like lemmings and simply cast our vote for the most familiar names.  Conversely, just because you might not particularly like someone who is currently in office, that doesn't always mean the competitors are any better, smarter, or more dedicated.