Golden Years

Like many of you, I was transfixed for over two weeks with individual efforts and valiant team performances.  The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, or "the feet", in some cases.  I was mesmerized by so-called minor sports, and by people who put decades of work into events that in many cases were decided in less time than this editorial.

I was off the couch cheering for the local connections- in martial arts and soccer and volleyball and decathlon.  I was rooting for the home team and the foreign team and the underdog and the amazing comeback.  I was sleep deprived and proud of it.  I was entranced by stories and human drama and tragedy as I am every two years when the wondrous Olympic games are delivered to our homes in many ways.  I watched as the entire world of nations came together to celebrate and collaborate and persevere for common goals- to compete, to realize dreams, and to move on to the next phase, in some cases.

Yes, I know the Olympics ran on NBC and our own KHNL, but I've been awed by this bi-annual spectacle since Bob Beamon set a new long jump record 40-years ago in the altitude at mexico city. I was incredulous when the U.S. hockey team beat the mighty Russians in 1980.  And I got misty-eyed a few times watching Hawaii's very own reach lofty heights in Beijing, win or lose.  Alas, we all must now wait 18-months for the world to gather again, arms entwined, smiles aplenty, at the winter Oolympic games from Vancouver, British Columbia. I hope you, too, savored the moments.  Think about it...