Tom Moffatt wins Forever Young Award

Tom Moffatt
Tom Moffatt

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - He spent 50 years entertaining Hawaii as a promoter in paradise, Tom Moffatt has brought the biggest acts in the business to local audiences here in Hawaii and he continues to give back to this community who he dedicated his whole life to entertaining.

"Local audiences are great I think that's why performers like to come here. Not only the spirit of Aloha when they get here but the audiences respond," Moffatt said.

It's for those audiences Tom Moffatt has provided his life's work. They call him the Showman of the Pacific. The first rock and roll disc jockey, he broke the mold of music that was being played on radio at the time.

"A lot of people like to come to Hawaii. Elvis liked it here that's why he came back several times. A lot of performers, Elton John loves it here, Jimmy Buffet," he said.

He started a promotional company but then got into recording.

"There's a lot of great local talent.  I was there with the renaissance in Hawaiian music. My first album was Honolulu City Lights which was was proven to be the best album of all time," he said.

This year he's coming out with a compilation album of all the big hit's he's brought to Hawaii over the years and judging by these pictures it's guaranteed to have star power.

"What was she like or what was he like or what were they like."

He says it's a question everyone asks him.

"That was the most memorable one, was the first Elvis concert of all the ones that I've been to or been involved with. From 1957 was the first one when I introduced Elvis at the old stadium up into today is just hundreds and hundreds," he said.

Bringing joy to others is what hooked him.

"The satisfaction of a group or a performer connecting with the audience and the audience responding, and a full house," he said.

He continues to give back through concerts for a cause. He was instrumental in Elvis's concert which provided funding for the Arizona Memorial.

"Don't get set in anything, just kind of roll with what's happening. Don't take it too seriously, that's always been my motto. I like my career I like what I've been doing and I want to give back as much as possible," he said.

Tom Moffatt, has definitely left a rock and roll mark on Hawaii. Moffatt entertains himself traveling, swimming, and playing backgammon. All while listening to good music including Frank Sinatra and Lionel Ritchie.