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Community beams with pride after World Series triumph

Ryllen Abeshima Ryllen Abeshima

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

MILILANI (KHNL) -- For the second straight morning, family members, friends and fans of the little leaguers packed the restaurant at the Mililani Golf Club, to watch the game on the big screen.

It was standing room only as family, friends and fans erupted after every good play by the hometown team.

It's golf club etiquette to be really quiet. But the Mililani Golf Club restaurant may have never been so loud before and it certainly was for good reason.

What's on the menu? Besides the food -- a World Series title for Waipio.

"This is awesome, the kids did well," Waipio coach Gary Abeshima said. "All these people supporting the kids, win or lose, they would've been winners to us."

The Abeshima family arrived early so they could get good seats to cheer on the team. A team they know all too well.

"This is more personal to us 'cuz we know more of the kids," Abeshima said. "These kids, we've watched them play as coaches from the beginning, we've coached them or played against them."

10-year-old Ryllen Abeshima has friends on the Waipio team. He's not old enough to play, but next year, when he's eligible, he hopes for big things.

"I wanna go to the World Series too, so they made good examples for me and I really wish I could go," he said.

Hawaii fans say the team showed great sportsmanship throughout the tournament.

"They never gave up, yesterday's (Saturday) game was a prime example and they were never cocky about anything," Gary said. "They went into the games relaxed and their there to play the game."

A game that taught everyone watching it, a lesson in seizing opportunities.

"I'm almost like crying because it's so amazing and it's a once in a lifetime thing so you can't do it again," Ryllen said.

For the Abeshima's, doing it again will hopefully mean it'll be their turn to hoist the trophy next season.

The team is scheduled to arrive in Honolulu at 6:10 p.m. on Continental Flight 15. Plans for a parade through Waikiki have already begun. No date has been set yet. Governor Lingle and Mayor Hannemann congratulated the team. Lingle proclaimed Sunday, "Waipio Majors Little League Day."

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