Dedicated fans watch Bryan Clay

Lark Moon
Lark Moon
Dorothy Marsh
Dorothy Marsh

By Zahid Arab bio | email

MOILIILI-- (KHNL) Bryan Clay is more than a household name, to many he's a hero. An athlete that's making Hawaii shine on the international stage.

At the Eastside Grill, drinks are downed, and thanks to Bryan Clay, fans are dipping into the decathlon.

" I haven't felt this much pride since last year's University of Hawaii Warriors," said Clay fan Lark Moon.

" I never thought that this skinny little local boy could do it but he's doing it," she said.

"He's got that drive, he's got that stamina, he's got that will. That's going to make him win, some of the other athletes might take that for granted but he worked hard," said Clay fan Alain Yoshioka.

Olympic fever is circulating everywhere. Fans say they flock to the Eastside Grill to show their dedication to the Olympics, especially Hawaii Athlete Bryan Clay. Memorizing event schedules down to the minute.

" I start at 10 o'clock and if I have time I'll watch during the day and then it ends and I go back to it in the evening," said Clay fan Dorothy Marsh.

A group of former Aloha Airlines workers say Clay's abilities go beyond his athletics. They say the trials and tribulations of his life are part of what takes him to the top.

"He's a tremendous role model for all children of Hawaii because he was from a single parent and for someone to attain their dreams the way he did, I think is just fabulous," said Marsh.

Scooping support for the hometown favorite, fans say athlete Bryan Clay is molding a vision of hope for all of HawaiI.

Along with Clay's success fans say they're also proud of other local athletes Natasha Kai and Clay Stanley.