Fans share Bryan Clay's golden moment

April Sandobal
April Sandobal

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

KANEOHE (KHNL) - Loyal fans in Hawaii are beaming with pride over Bryan Clay's golden victory. Word of the Castle High School grad's olympic moment spread fast and furious from Beijing to our islands early this morning.

His impressive strong start on day one of the decathlon, ended with a golden moment on day two for Hawaii's Bryan Clay.

At Windward Community College where two of his aunty's work, fellow co-workers and friends were among the first to know.

"I got a call at four in the morning. All I did was ask her, 'Did we get the gold?' And she said yes we got the gold and it was like elation," said April Sandobal, Clay's aunty's co-worker and family friend.

At the cafeteria, his family's pride hangs on the walls.

"We're featuring a collection from Bryan's grandfather. We just want him to know how wonderful it is to be associated with his family and to be a part of contributing to this great wall of Bryan Clay," said Sandobal.

The same tribute can be seen at Clay's High School alma mater, Castle, where his olympic success is proudly posted on the marquee.

And with that local connection to the world's greatest athlete, Clay not only won the gold, but also earned an honor all of Hawaii can be proud of.