Ukulele prodigy inspires many with his music

Nick Acosta
Nick Acosta
Roy Sakuma
Roy Sakuma
Kim Acosta
Kim Acosta

By Diane Ako - bio | email

WAIPAHU (KHNL) - Have you heard of Nick Acosta? If you haven't, remember that name! He's an 11-year-old ukulele prodigy, strumming his way to success - one chord at a time.

He's only 11 years old but this young ukulele player has big dreams.

"I want to play the ukulele like Roy!"

That's Roy Sakuma, legendary ukulele virtuoso, who was equally impressed with Nick.

"He shows me the energy and willingness to learn," said Sakuma. "You can't help but feel so amazed at this youngster."

Nick's playing struck a chord with Roy.

"Rather than go (plink plink) I'm going to have you pick and pull," said Roy.  "Try that."

He took Nick under his wing.

"It's C. Ready? Hit it."

"It's amazing the things he can do on ukulele," said Roy.

Together, Roy and Nick tour the islands playing concerts.

"He inspires me how he handles himself," said Roy. "Not just with me but in front of people.

Nick may be a rising star...

"Nick can you go fold your clothes?" asked Kim, Nick's mother.

But he is still a regular kid at home.

"He does what any normal kid would do," said Kim.

Except he's overcome something most normal kids don't have to deal with.

"I was born with one hand and sometimes I got nervous because when I walked in front of people I thought they were going to tease me."

His mom insisted he was like everyone else.

"I never taught him the word 'you can't,' said Kim. "I always tell him, 'you can do whatever you put your mind to.'

Now Nick is a concert headliner

"I'm just so proud," said Kim.

Playing to a crowd of thousands.

"It's good to inspire people so I can make them feel happy," said Nick.

The boy who never heard "you can't" is now helping others realize they can.

Nick also plays football, soccer, and is a brown belt in karate!