Whole Foods Market gears up for opening

Claire Sullivan
Claire Sullivan
Ray Stockton
Ray Stockton

By Kristine Uyeno - bio | email

KAHALA (KHNL) -- The nation's first certified organic grocer gets ready to open its first Hawaii store in Kahala.

Friday, crews worked on the finishing touches and employees stocked shelves.

"Because we really offer that variety of fresh, natural and organic items that people here want to have. We have a healthy lifestyle and it's just a perfect fit," said Claire Sullivan, community and vendor relations coordinator.

The 28,000-square-foot store will include prepared foods, such as hot items and a salad bar. It'll offer natural and organic foods and they'll most likely be products and companies you've never heard of. But Whole Foods is working with businesses you're familiar with.

"We've reached out to a lot of the local farmers, as well as the local producers, such as honey, we have about 20 different variety of honey," said Ray Stockton, store team leader.

The Kahala store will also include a non-edible section, filled with everything from vitamins to soaps.

"We're bringing not just better nutrition, but hopefully, a better way of life for a lot people of the islands," said Stockton.

Customers will get to find that out for themselves, when the doors open on September 10th.

Whole Foods is also opening a store in Kahului, Maui next year, as well as locations at Ward Centers and Kailua in 2010.