The latest state of hawaii data book is available on-line, and a simple look through some of the charts reveals some fascinating numbers.  Now I am not a sociologist, an urbanologist, a futurologist, nor even an ichthyologist, but I do find the facts here to be interesting.  Almost 71% of the state resides on Oahu, which is about 4% fewer than resided on Oahu 15-years ago.  2% more people now live on the Big Island and in Maui county vs. 15-years ago, while Kauai has remained population-steady for the past 15-years.

Out of the total population of 1,268,000 people, 308,000 people listed themselves as Hawaiian or part-Hhawaiian, 199,000 said they are Japanese, 142,000 Filipino, 292,000 Caucasian, 45,000 Chinese, and 255,000 mixed, but not Hawaiian.  Those were the major groups.  Talk about a melting pot; talk about a place that stretches out from here to there with all kinds of people in all kinds of places.  And to add to the diversity- 162,000 people said they speak Tagolog, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish or Korean at home- not English.

The sociological conclusion for today is that you better just get along, you better accept, you oughta drop stupid stereotyping; you really need to understand that there are differences and maybe you should even celebrate those differences.  If not, we still offer plenty of plane seats, albeit fewer than we had a few months ago, that will easily escort you somewhere else, like maybe a cave or some less tolerant place.   So vive le difference, enjoy the human smorgasbord that is Hawaii, and understand why it's said "lucky you live hawaii".  Think about it...