Rail Nailed

With last week's ruling that the city clerk's office must accept an anti-rail petition on the november ballot, it looks like we will all get to say "yeh" or "nay" to the mass transit system proposed by the mayor, and previously approved by the city council.  Of course, the way this is going, no matter who wins or loses, there will probably be calls for recounts, legal concerns, questions about hanging chads, worries about saving the panda, and a more clear definition of just what is "mass transit".

Well, we all know what "mass confusion" is, as we've seen this issue bandied about back and forth more often than the shuttlecocks I've been transfixed watching in the badminton matches during the summer beijing olympics.  To rail or not to rail?  Rubber or steel?  Trains or hovercrafts?  Smart, feasible alternatives, or just local intransigence to change anything?  Well, it now appears that you get to have a say.  So try to get yourself educated, know the ulterior motives of all parties involved, think about those stuck in traffic and what the quickest solutions would be if we don't go for the steel wheels- etc., etc.  Lots to do, and only 11-weeks in which to get clear as to what's right, what the true costs are, and what's impractical, I guess.

Of course, one would think that politicians elected by the people, of the people, and sometimes for the people could make the right decisions for us on major issues such as this.  I'll be pondering this one as I calmly traverse H-3 over the next two months.  Oh, and thanks for letting 'em build that one, by the way.  Think about it...