Enviro-Athlete sets sights on plastic pollution

Tom Jones
Tom Jones
Captain Charles Moore
Captain Charles Moore

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU-- (KHNL) An environmental study estimates that nearly 6-million tons of plastic are floating around in our oceans.

In another 7years there will be enough of the trash to cover the entire country.

A California man is here in Hawaii, hoping to turn his athletic ability into awareness for this growing issue.

Cups. Wrappers. Trash is everywhere. It's a familiar scene on land, but trash is also swirling around miles and miles of the ocean.

Tom jones is no stranger to stamina.

He bikes 45 miles, runs 23 and paddles 14, and that's just in a day. But now, this California extreme athlete is turning environmental activist.

"I'm an athlete that uses my athletic ability as a primary to bring funds and awareness to worthwhile causes," said Enviro-athlete Tom Jones.

Primarily to bring attention to the huge amount of trash in the oceans and on beaches. This mess is on the Big Island's Kamilo beach. It's nicknamed "Plastic beach" for obvious reasons.

"This plastic is coming from all over the Pacific Rim swirling into a vortex that eventually brings it to these shores," said Researcher Captain Charles Moore.

From the shores of the Big Island to Oahu, Jones is busy breaking a sweat, taking steps, paddling progress towards this plastic problem's solution.

" I thought to myself what could I do responsibly. Could I write a check to fix it? No. Could I go clean it up? No. That's impossible," said Jones.

So for the past 4 years, Jones has run across the country even paddled the coast of California, promoting a message that plastic plaguing our oceans is not just your problem, or my problem.

" It's more a we thing. What better place than Hawaii to get that mantra, that aloha," said Jones.

Jones trains in Hawaii until the end of the month but everyone can join in on his effort. He says it starts with something as simple as a plastic bottle. By picking up just one piece of trash off the ground, he says anyone can be part of the solution.