Move over the rubbish can for more recycling

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

HAWAII KAI (KHNL) - The rollout of the city's new island-wide recycling curbside program has begun.

As another bin is sent out to residents across Oahu.

Hawaii Kai is now a little greener, as the city delivers thousands of green bins for recycling.

"It is going to make it easier and its always a good thing to recycle and we need to recycle more. So this is really, really great," said Paiko Lagoon resident, Tara Chanel.

Now people will have somewhere to put their green waste, tree leaves and garden trimmings instead of on the side of the road.

This is good news for residents along Paiko Drive like Robert Lipman who has lived there for the past six years. He is serious about recycling and protecting the environment. He not only saves cans and bottles, he also composts with beetles and worms in his backyard. Now, getting rid of unwanted greenery will be easier.

"It will give people a place to put their green waste instead of in the regular trash can. It will make it easier for us not to have to cut it or tie it , if it fits in the can it is going to go," said Lipman.

While the city is busy delivering bins this week, they won't be used for a few months. The curbside recycling program using the new bins starts up the first week of November.

Blue bins for mixed recyclables will be delivered next month. Which means places like Paiko Drive will soon be lined with regular garbage and recyclable bins. But resident don't seem to mind the effort to reduce the amount going into our landfill.

"You can see there's not much room on the street, everyone is parking, but we will adapt," said Eugene Gleason.

"I'd rather see bins than see trash all over the place," added Chanel.

East Honolulu bin deliveries started in Hawaii Kai and will wrap up in Manoa, as 24,000 bins are sent out. Kailua will get its 12,000 bins in September and 3,000 homes on the North Shore will get additional bins in October.