Waianae mental health center decreases service, lays off workers

WAIANAE (KHNL) - Hale Naau Pono, Waianae's community operated mental health center, has ended much of its services to the adult seriously mentally ill patients due to the State's recent action to end its contract with the organization.

The center will lay off 38 employees over the next 60 days and run mainly on a volunteer force of about 100 workers.

The more than 300 patients living in Waianae will be directed to other State operated organizations throughout Oahu.

"This is a sad day in the life of this organization, said Poka Laenui, Executive Director of Hale Naau Pono.  "But rest assured that the leadership in this community will continue to fight for the principle that community services are best provided when run by people from their community."

What will remain in the adult services will be a housing program of 72 beds for the seriously mentally ill.

The center will continue to provide services to children and adolescent in the general areas of behavioral health, foster homes, school support and group homes respite service.