UH and High Hopes

We are less than three weeks away from the opening of yet another University of Hawaii sports season, which kicks off August 27 as the Rainbow Wahine soccer team takes to the pitch. Expectations, hopes, hype, and optimism are high with a bevy of new talent joining the various sports squads and a whole host of returning stars on the football, wahine volleyball, and wahine soccer teams.

UH athletics experienced one of its greatest seasons ever last year, and it began in the late summer with the amazing journey of the football team and that was amplified by the WAC titles for women's volleyball and soccer. The high lasted all the way through the spring with another fine showing from the top 20 Wahine softball team. One of the pleasures in being involved with KHNL and K5 The Home Team is knowing that we will again be here all year long with over 110 televised events for you and your family and friends to enjoy.

When times are good and when times are tough, it is hopefully reassuring for you in some small way to know that you can find some sanity and continuity in your life by enjoying or even living vicariously through the Warriors and Wahine on K5 or by going down to one of the sports venues. Some consider sports and sports adulation to be a bit overdone in our society today, while others consider it a safe and healthy haven, a slice of real reality TV amidst the chaos, confusion, and concerns that are sometimes a part of life. Whatever; it's almost time to sit back, relax, and say "Go 'Bows" one more time; nothing wrong with that. Think about it...