Cuts Hurt

It seems that every day now we hear of more job cuts locally- in tourism and retail sectors, in automotive and airline industries, in medical and media professions. Without a doubt, these are tough times we are seeing, with shortfalls anticipated at the City and State levels also causing consternation as to the implications for the rest of this year and into 2009.

While cost cutting, belt tightening, and re-invention are now the corporate rules rather than the exceptions nationwide, there is the hope that the aura of ohana in Hawaii that pervades our every day lives will continue to allow people to deal with the economic difficulties a little bit better and more calmly than it might be handled in other areas across the country. Neighbors helping neighbors, families coming together, calabash cousins, all working to ensure that people here have a much-needed safety net as they look to find solutions for their individual situations during these unsteady economic times.

At the same time, it is important to note the positive- the openings or expansions of local businesses, the solid fundraising goals being attained by the University of Hawaii Foundation's Centennial Campaign and others. We have seen dark, economic skies before, and we haven't always known when those ominous skies would brighten, but brighten they did; and this time around, hopefully, of course, sooner rather than later. Think about it...