Injured birds to get more help

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - With flocks of wild birds in the islands, it's good to know there's a place like the Wild Bird Rehab Haven. That's where birds go if they get injured. But what can you do to help out?

There's a seminar that gives you tips about what you can do in case you see an injured bird.

To some, it's an annoying sound. but to these people, it's music to their ears. that's why they're learning about ways to save these precious animals.

Leslie Wood and her husband live on a golf course in Mililani. They see lots of birds.

But at first, they weren't bird people. Instead, they're dog and cat lovers.

"If I see a stray dog, I'll scoop it up in the car and get it to the nearest vet and have it scanned, see if it has a chip and we'll take in cats and turn them over and so now this is one more creature that we're taking care of," Wood said.

Wild Bird Rehab Haven director Phoenix Morgaine has this advice for anyone who sees an injured bird.

"First things first, look for the parent, it's a baby, look for the parents, don't automatically assume they're in distress because bird parents are better parents than we are," she said.

Recently, Wood used tips she learned at a class to save a bird's life.

"It's so exciting and it's such a fulfilling feeling, you feel so good because you know the bird is helpless, you know if you walk on by like I said, there are cats, there's predators even a dog is curious and may scarf up the bird," Wood said.

At one time, she and her husband had almost 20 birds in their home that they rescued, along with their dogs and cats.

"The dog will watch where the bird goes, oh ok, there and he'll run up on the bird, but thank goodness, so far, we've had no horrible calamities, we've been able to get to the bird and get it in its cage," Wood said.

Morgaine feels the state should do more to help injured birds.

"We have the most amount of birds in the nation," she said. "Hawaii is the place for birds and we walk around totally immune to what's going on, but when you get into these classes, you start to realize that this bird is this and this bird has this going on."

A love for birds that feeds their hearts and souls.

There's another class next month and they're always looking for more volunteers and donations. To learn more about the Wild Bird Rehab Haven, call 447-9274 or go to their Web site at