John McCain's Hawaii team cleans up illegal dumping zone

Jerry Coffee
Jerry Coffee
Tom Berg
Tom Berg

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

WAIPAHU (KHNL) - John McCain's Hawaii camp spent the holiday cleaning up after dirty politics - literally.

Members were at an illegal dumping zone in Waipahu. They were there to cut through the political red tape that's blocking clean-up of one of Oahu's worst, most polluted and contaminated sites.

They're campaigning, not through words, but through actions. John McCain's Hawaii supporters, tag-team with other Republicans, to clean up an illegal dump site near West Loch in Waipahu.

"It's to fulfill John's philosophy of serving a cause of a greater good than ourselves and we decided we would try to give back to our community," said McCain Hawaii Campaign Chair, Jerry Coffee.

Who is technically responsible for cleaning this area up? The answer is muddy.

The State, County, and the military all own parts of this land, so jurisdiction lines aren't clear.

And while picking up after the overwhelming amount of rubbish isn't easy, volunteers say they want to cut through the political finger-pointing, and take the trash problem into their own hands.

"You see these homes back here? People saw us cleaning up. They just came out of their apartments for the love of it on their day off as well," said Tom Berg, a House of Representatives candidate for District 42.

The team says success of the clean-up is not so much measured by the amount of trash picked up, but moreso by the sense of community pride they hope to revive on this Statehood Day.

There will be a massive clean-up of the illegal dump site called Adopt-A-Stream, which is set for October 4th.